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Anthropological knowledge is profoundly embedded in cultural practices and shaped through different knowledges and technologies. We collect projects under the heading of culture projects that attend to the entanglement of anthropological knowledge in a variety of societal, institutional and everyday practices of modern societies, and that compare anthropological knowledges and their changes over time.

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The area titled knowledge unites projects of understanding and comparing ways in which the human is understood, thought of and imagined in Modern societies. It investigates the processes of producing knowledge about the human as well as the effects anthropological discourses have on modern living and thinking along with the implications and consequences following of the use of different rhetoric and forms of communication.

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Technologies are pivotal in the constitution of the human and thus of anthropological knowledge. This is the case in science, which cannot produce a single fact without the use of technologies for substance modification, inscription and imagery. Technologies are also pivotal in everyday life and contribute to shaping ways of interrelating, ways of communicating and ways of imagining and knowing what it is to be human.