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Anthropological knowledge is profoundly embedded in cultural practices and shaped through different knowledges and technologies. We collect projects under the heading of culture projects that attend to the entanglement of anthropological knowledge in a variety of societal, institutional and everyday practices of modern societies, and that compare anthropological knowledges and their changes over time.


  • Abigail Nieves Delgado: Categorizing Human Difference: ‘FERET’ and the Development of Facial Recognition Systems
  • Josefine Raasch: Doing and Knowing Differences in Democracy
  • Sandra Plontke: Pictures at Work. A Praxeography of Computer Game Images
  • Felix Hüttemann: Dandyism and its media constellations as an ecological and aesthetic paradigm
  • Maren Haffke: Excess and Deprivation of Acoustic Realisms in Media Studies and Sound Studies